Knowing each other for years and sharing the love for alternative sounds from Joshua Tree's desert, made us kick off this band in early 2016.

Experimenting is what we also always like - whether it's odd time signatures or even jazzy chords - we don't bother to mix it in.

After recording our first EP which is about to be released in summer 2017, new songs are continuously written and added to form the band's style.

You are considering to check us out live?  Expect a serious live band to deliver everything, to make you call it a "strong" live set...

Out of Rodgau/ Germany - we are BIRD'S VIEW...!!!



10/03/2018, 5.30 pm Elfer Klub, Frankfurt/Germany, SPH Bandcontest

07/04/2018, 7.30 pm Spessart Rock, Spessarthalle Heinrichsthal/Germany

27/04/2018, 7.30 pm Open Stage, Rodgau/Germany, with Fight Footers and Flood



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